Trevor the Shantyman – Trevor Hanson

Updated: 20 November 2021

[Vocal work remains limited, due to pandemic distancing and venue issues.]

I love to sing classic Irish folk songs and sea shanties, familiar to fans of Tommy Makem, the Dubliners, the Clancy Brothers, and countless other great performers throughout the world.

So in addition to my more frequent work as an instrumentalist, I also perform as Trevor the Shantyman numerous times each year - at venues throughout the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas. I often perform solo but am sometimes joined by other musicians. See my Facebook page for schedule details.

New recordings are still pending. Here's one snippet on YouTube from an event at the (now-gone) venue Disco Bay Detour. Shantymen on YouTube

Visit me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrevorTheShantyman

About Trevor

Trevor Hanson sings the great pub songs of his misspent youth. Feel free to contact me directly. I'm a guitarist and singer who has lived on the Olympic Peninsula since 2004. You can find more about me at www.TrevorHanson.com.